Thoughts, observations, issues, and miscellanous writings as seen from the viewpoint of a Reform Jew-By-Choice.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I thought that I would come visit your here. I love your banner. I was born and raised a Jew and I also consider myself a Jew by choice. I just want to be Jewish and I am glad that you have joined the tribe.
    Many a synagogues are welcoming and many are not. I am very pleased that you are a member of a great community. I believe that I will print out what you wrote for inspiration.
    We just moved here from Israel 7 years ago. Our first Synagogue went from 88 members to about 20 when we left. The present community we are determined to help out. I believe that there are several members that have been around for a long time that have a hard time dealing with the changes that are happening in Reform Judaism. On our Shabbat morning services a few of the members got out of hand when they attended morning services but we will fix it, they are good people and so are we. Our spiritual home is with the Shabbat morning crowd. All that I am saying is keep up the welcoming atmosphere because when we came 5 years ago to this community it was great, we are going to repair do a Tikkun.
    I am just so pleased you told me about your experiences, we are trying very hard and my Seder Pesach is just getting bigger and bigger every year. I hope that new members will soon be speaking like you about our Temple.
    B’Shalom Ruth

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