I will not say that I can understand his pain. What happened in his life was both shocking and completely unexpected. And he has every right to be devastated. That being said…

I find myself infuriated by his own exploitation of what occurred. The rush to engage the swarm of reporters that seem to follow his every move. The strategically placed paraphernalia. The inflammatory remarks meant to illicit sympathy and incite protest.

I am a firm believer in freedom of speech but before I can feel confident in drawing a conclusion, I need to know that I’ve gathered as many facts as possible. Despite what others believe, the various media outlets are NOT aware of all the facts and spin most of what they say/write toward one bias or another. News broadcasts have become little more than tabloid television, capitalizing on another human being’s pain, suffering, misfortune, or misery and society is ready to watch and listen to every horrible moment, unable to look away. He clearly understands this and will announce that he’s simply executing his “freedom of speech.”

Speaking from all-to-real and very unfortunate experience, I’ve found that it’s literally impossible to make an informed decision based on what one sees/hears/reads on television, the radio, or the newspaper.

Although it’s tempting, don’t believe everything you hear. The results will be disastrous if you do.